Just a Dream

Sunset Candelabra 22 cm


This Candelabra, in gilded metal, is decorated and embellished with white Freshwater natural Pearls and certified Swarovski crystals, all sprinkled with our Dream Powder, a fine golden glitter that enhances the beauty of our creations.

The softly flowing and elegant line to decorate and make your surroundings welcoming and bright.

If you aim at enlightening your spaces this is the perfect Candelabra.

To ensure the maximum splendor, you may wish to combine several Candelabras, of different heights and dimensions, set on our Table Mirrors.

Its composition in gilded satin metal brightens up and warms each environment, thus creating a soft and ethereal atmosphere, ideal for Romantic and Refined Events.


Size: H.22 cm   d.11 cm

Weight: 700 gr



Just a Dream Design offers an exclusive personalized service.

For orders greater than 20 Candelabras we offer, through our expert consultancy, the opportunity to assist you in selecting the Precious Stones thus creating a personalised product in line with your wishes and expectations.

Feel free to contact us for additional information and a customised quotation.


Just a Dream Design offers an exclusive Rental service.

You may require the rental of our Candelabras for Weddings and Events, thus creating a unique atmosphere for every occasion.

We invite you to contact us for additional information and to receive a customised quotation.


Please note that every creation is unique and one-of-a-kind. In being handmade, there are no identical pieces, neither in size nor in shape, thus making our product unique and exclusive.

Moreover, the Mother of Pearl, as well as the Pearls, are natural gemstones which are extremely delicate with a porous surface that requires particular attention.

We recommend using a dry microfiber cloth for the cure of the surface, avoiding any type of cleaning products in that their chemical properties may damage the design and alter the colorations of the used materials.


Every creation is entirely Handmade, with the finest attention to detail and designed exclusively for our clients, thus a 7 working-day shipment is guaranteed for orders of up to 3 Candelabras.

For orders greater than 3 Candelabras, production time may be subject to variation.

Feel free to contact us for additional information.