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Accessories for Interior Design

Explore our selection of accessories for interior design, each adorned with Freshwater natural Pearls and certified Swarovski crystals, sprinkled with our Dream powder, a fine golden glitter that enhances the preciousness of our creations even more.

Every creation is a unique piece of jewellery, beautifully handcrafted, designed to the finest detail and created with utmost care, exclusively for our clients.

You may use them as a decorative element to enhance the beauty of your home or business making it even more unique.

If you are planning a Wedding, hosting a private Party or an Event, Just a Dream offers you the possibility to rent our accessories that meet your desires to offer exclusive designs to your venues and recreating the ambiance you have always dreamt of.

Find the perfect product for you and contact us  if you have specific requests or inquiries.
We will offer you our expert consultancy and a customised quotation.

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Lanterns Marrakesh


Round Mirror 30 cm


Round Mirror 40 cm


Royal Candelabra 20cm


Royal Candelabra 25 cm


Sunset Candelabra 17 cm


Sunset Candelabra 22 cm


Sunset Candlestick